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Uh Oh…..Did Some Damage

Bought some crap from sephora even though I’m flat ass broke. FML

Why Can’t I Produce Money Instead of Hair *Weeps Uncontrollably*

I got a fucking hair cut not too long ago and its already grown 3+ inches. What a waste of money. I could have saved that money and let my hair grow so I can whip people if they piss me off. Shittttttttt

I just realized how fucked I am in March…..a majority of my friends and family have their birthday in March…..and I’m gonna go broke…..I shouldn’t hate them for being born in March…….I hate their parents for choosing to have sex in July. 

I wrote a poem called “Raw Mushrooms”

Raw Mushroom Raw Mushroom

Ya taste like shit ya digg

Raw Mushroom Raw mushroom

Ya taste better cooked 

Raw Mushroom Raw Mushroom 

Go fuck yourself