Green Tea & Me

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Mother Nature Hates Me


Spiders Have Suddenly Took Over My House & Took Me and My Family Hostage

Why the hell are there so many damn spiders in this house today?

Someone Explain This Shit to Me

I have one of the worst colds ever and I fucking had to go to school because of attendance issues. I felt so horrible that I asked my mom to pick me up early. My college/guidance counselor needed to talk to me and was basically like “You have to come to school” and somewhere along the lines of “don’t get me sick.” WTF!!!!! So you expect me to come to school with a fucking flu and not expect me to spread it?!?!? ITS A FUCKING FLU!!!!!!! OF COURSE IT SPREADS!!!!!! AND U STILL WANT ME TO COME TO SCHOOL!!!!!!! DOES THAT MAKE SENSE!?!?!? I don’t fucking have control over my cold. Someone explain this to me please?

Facebook Bought Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars

Fuck Instagram…….Do you know what I could do with 1 billion dollars?